Mills Operator Bell, 1929, Jackpot Poinsetta Owl

This game is NOT for sale.  This is a customer repair. 

Mills Operator Bell, 1929, Jackpot Poinsetta Owl.  Did a complete tear-down all the way to the bottom plate.  Soaked it in a chemical that eats carbon based compounds, like my skin.  Cleaned/wire brushed most parts as it was re-assembled.  This game was tough to get the bugs out.  The main bearing was loose due to worn metal, had to file it and round it out some.  Coin mech had a few adjustments, way out of whack.  Spring issues.  Very dirty and hard to clean condition.

This "Operator Bell" model took much more time due to the age.  The goose neck coin mechanism is touchy.  After testing is for 100 pulls it started to show bugs that needed more adjusting.

Here 2 movies.  The Goose neck holds 9 coins at a time.

Movie of it working click here.

Another movie click here.

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