Chicago Coin -

Chicago Coin - "Big Top Shooting Gallery"  1972

This game is just Great fun to play!  I love beating my wife by 5000 points and steeling her targets just before she shoots! May have to make my own dinner today....  

The project was very difficult to repair.  This kind of machine is risky for a small shop like ours.  It is possible to work on this game for days and never get it running.  Parts for a Chicago Coin game are very hard to find.  When the 2 timing motors were found to have ruined plastic cam/wheels we were afraid it was all for nothing.  We took a risky adventure into heating up 45 year old plastic and re-molding it back into shape. This did work but I could not guaranty it would work again.  The destroyed copper landings on the Target Stepper also made us cringe but a work-around was found.  The rest of the repair was typical old, dried out, corroded and stuck mechanical machinery.  Very time consuming.  The customer's service notes follow:

01/09/2017   Have worked 4 days on your game so far. Two of the score reels had burned off copper traces, repaired with epoxy and copper strip. The rubber tire on the clock disintegrated, replaced tire with black pinball rubber 3/4", then burnish/clean/lube then back together. The stepper unit on score panel was frozen solid, heated brass parts to remove then burnished, cleaned and lubricated. Cleaned and adjust all relays on score display panel. On lower front door panel - the 2 scoring motors white plastic cam discs were warped badly, so much that the wiping blade stacks did not make contact. I removed all 15 stacks to get these apart, then heated the discs evenly and re-formed them back into original shape.  These parts are unavailable anywhere. My idea worked and they should be good enough, looks like it was caused by chemical spray that was not safe on plastic. It took all day to take apart and put back together. Have another frozen stepper unit, some burned coils on the front panel. Still have about half the game relays/steppers yet to address. Working on the hard parts first, hopefully. 

01/14/2017   The "Pop Up Target Unit", a stepper, has lost/burned off the copper on the 10 pads the wipers touch. Luckily, there are 10 un-used pads on the printed circuit board. I moved all the wiring over to the new pads. The "Program Control Unit", a stepper, was totally frozen. The right side gun trigger is stuck closed, disassembled, straighten and adjusted. Target # 2 and #6 had the plastic spacer missing on the switch stacks that caused the right side gun to miss those targets. I found/made similar parts to make them work. Replaced 1 black-light. Aligned right gun. Clean/lube adjust the relays on back door and target panel. Clean/lube the Ducks" motor and the chain and sprockets. Replaced burnt out bulbs. Game plays well! The 8 track tape is missing. The GUN-SHOT sound works but of course no animal sounds.  Testing the game... it's fun... 

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