Hayburners II pinball by Williams 1968

This repair is on a Hayburners II, a 48 year old game made in 1968 by Williams.   We had to work many extra hours to get this old girl running like a clock.  This was not a difficult job, just a tedious long adventure in all the mechanical malfunctions caused by age and stagnation.  The grease and oil on this game was stuck so hard the 4 stepper unit's shafts and bearings were frozen and had to be heated just to take them apart.  The chimes needed new grommets, the flippers we worn out, the horse race unit was stuck.  On that horse unit you must be carful not to get any oil on the slip clutches on each of the 6 horse drive shafts.  This game has a 6 horse race unit and a cool moving shooter that alows you to aim the ball onto the playfield.  The service notes sent to the customer follow:

05/12/2016 15:15:41  Playfield cleaned, waxed and new rubber. Pulled bottom mechanical panel out and went through it on a bench. Cleaned and adjusted every contact on every relay. Cleaned and adjusted all relays on the bank reset assembly. Disassembled all 3 stepper units - all were stuck/frozen with dried grease - used solvent, buffing, cleaning, adjustments to refurb them. Removed 6 horse run unit - All gears stuck with dried grease - cleaned and adjusted everything. Disassembled all 8 score reels - all gummed up with old grease, one unit had a broken coil plunger link - repaired with special plastic mend epoxy and also fast set epoxy, ground down and formed to fit. Cleaned and adjusted remaining relays in the back. Replaced power cord. Still working on the playfield underside. Game works and will be completed soon.

 Found the credit unit also frozen stuck with grease. Completely removed and degreased, cleaned on bench.

Under the playfield all flippers were cleaned, reformed plungers(one replaced), all sleeves replaced, all springs replaced, 2 coils replaced, 2 flipper bearings replaced(cracked), all 4 bats with shafts replaced. 1 Relay had a rigged contact blade pair - replaced. All relay contacts filed and adjusted. Shooter left/right motor cleaned and oiled. Replaced damaged 2 wire power cord with 3 wire grounded to transformer frame. Fluorescent lamp and starter replaced. Front door lock replaced(key#1382). Legs buffed & anti-rust applied. Leg levelers and leg bolts replaced. Made new instruction and pricing cards. Vacuum and clean cabinet and glass. Game tested - ready for delivery. 

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