Captain Fantastic pinball by Bally 1976

This repair is on a Captain Fantastic pinball made in 1976 by Bally.  Here is a game with a lot of paint missing on the playfield, rust everywhere and multiple mechanical issues.  This is actually par for the course on old popular games like this. This one must have made plenty of money in it's day.  To repair this and make it keep working we simply work on everything.  There are no shortcuts on old pinball game repair.  Every relay, stepper unit, motor, score reel and even the chimes must be cleaned, adjusted, lubed and/or repaired.  These old game have long left the time when a few adjustments and a little contact spray will do.  Also adding to the workload is the fact that this is one of the last electromechanical pinballs made.  This means it has every extra feature and gadget added that helped sell this against all the competing machine for sale by other companies.    Below are the pictures taken with the "before" pictures coming 2nd:

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