Bad Cats pinball by Williams 1989

This pinball, "Bad Cats" by Williams (1989) looked like it needed a long vacation from route duty!  A little rough but still a great playing game.  The pictures below show the "before" pics at the bottom and the finished product at the top. The service notes follow:

09/17/2015 12:00:38  We have cleaned/waxed/rubbered the playfield. The lower cabinet had rather amateur paint and bondo work done, we re-painted to look much better. The legs were rusted and bent and 1 leveler rusted stuck. Straightened, buffed and oiled the legs. Next the electronics will be serviced and the mechanics under the playfield. Waiting on flipper paddles and some hardware. 

09/25/2015 11:15:00  Please note: all the post screws on the playfield were super-glued into the t-nuts. We had to heat each screw from the bottom to remove, some still snapped, had to find/make some screws. This caused us to work 2 extra days.
Repaired flippers: right side had a melted coil, new paddles, both bushings replaced, bottom side nuts missing on right bushing, all de-greased in mineral spirits. Both drop target assemblies: disassembled, cleaned/de-greased, glued 1 target. Pop bumpers: cleaned, new sleeves, 1 yoke broken/replaced. Still need to check electronics and test everything. Game is almost ready. 

10/04/2015 12:29:02  The displays had miss-aligned bezels causing the top of the digits to be missing, removed and aligned them correctly, all the display mounts were broken, glued them down. The Jackpot lights (1 to 8) in the backbox were inop, burned broken traces fixed. The left ramp exit switch was intermittent, replaced. Plugged holes in cabinet front with painted bolts and washers. Shooter housing was beat up, replaced. The volume control would not lower all the way down, was wired wrong and we modified the resistor inline. Ball getting stuck under Bonus Ramp, is bent/warped, adjusted with spacer. The right flipper would sometimes stick, up. Replaced both flipper backstops. The coin door lock was junk, replaced. Tested game... 


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