Big Shot pinball by Gottlieb 1973

This is a 1973 electromechanical pinball from Gottlieb.  This one had a lot of problems under the hood.  We pulled the mech panel out and went all through the relays on a bench.  The score motor was bad, a broken lever in a drop target bank and several other issues.  The service notes follow:

First look, I found the gears are stripped on the timing motor. Talked with xxxx, quoted $xxx, will order.

Playfield cleaned/waxed and new rubbers. Installed the new gear-motor. Removed the lower cabinet mech-panel then cleaned and adjusted all the relay and cam switches. Repaired chimes assembly: all the armatures were stuck, replaced the landing pad, replaced a grommet. Repaired the right drop target assembly: a hinged rail had one end connector broke off, brazed it back together. The bank of relays on the bottom of the playfield: The wire harness near this was getting into the relays when the playfield is down, moved the relays mounting frame to clear this. Cleaned and adjusted all the score reels. Cleaned and adjusted all relays and steppers in the head.

Wow, found a lot more wrong when testing the game. The game would start and play, then the next game it would start and lock up, this was switch blade 1B on the timing motor(stuck closed), it was week and would not stay adjusted (spring tension gone), replaced it with a new blade and a silver contact rivet. The game would not go to the next ball or player 2 if only a 1000 point contact was hit, this looks like a factory defect, I had to jumper from the 1000 point relay to the 10 point relay to activate the 1st ball relay on the reset bank, the other point switches DID lock the 1st player relay. The bonus stepper unit was adjusted wrong causing intermittent double tooth pulls causing 2 full rotations, this caused the ball or player 2 not to advance also! Almost done, hopefully.

Installed an original used power switch under front right of game. Removed old rusted stuck leveler pads and replaced. Replaced leg bolts. Test, test, test. Ready to go.

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