Bally Slot Machine Series E model E2243-

This Bally SLot Machine, model E2243-25,  is a 5 line play game.  These games are becoming collectable and in my opinion are more fun than some of the new designs.  This repair job had the usual problems on these games.  The oil and grease was dried out.  The power supply plug was burned and had to be replaced.  The battery on the MPU was dead and starting to leak.  Lots of cleaning had to be done.  The service notes follow:

09/28/2014 16:45:15  Repaired power supply, had no 5 volts output, was bad connector plug, replaced it with Molex 20 pin and new pins. Repaired MPU board, new battery and Ram Clear procedure. Clean and lube reel mechanism. Installed ground wire to pin 20 of I/O board for Slot error codes instead of SDS codes. Removed SDS board, was all ate up with battery leakage. Game kinda works now but getting error 71 (reel error), found bent pin to reel reader board #1. Almost done....

09/29/2014 09:38:01  Repaired LED display board, was missing "a" segment, broken trace found. Lubed hopper. Lube handle mechanism. Make a key for reset switch. Clean cabinet. Test overnight. 3 day project. Ready to go.

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