Bow and Arrow pinball by Bally 1974

This Bally electromechanical pinball machine is a good example of state of the art in 1974.  The "Bow and Arrow" is a 4 player with a lot of cool (at the time) features like the ball gate, rotating lights giving a roulette like out-hole at the top, dueling bonus systems in the middle, four fast pop bumpers and a fast action play that makes it fun to play.  This unit has seen better days, lots of where and grime, lots of worn parts.  This game took way too long to fix for us.  We are getting way too many profit killers like this one coming in our shop.  We had to raise our flat rate on EM's recently because of games like this.  To add insult to injury, we never got paid for this job.  The customer "forgot the check" but "would send one out the next day". We got screwed....    The service notes follow:

09/04/2014 16:51:35   Cleaned/waxed and new rubber on playfield. Replaced almost all the bulbs. Cleaned/lubed and adjusted all stepper units, motors and relays. Repaired gear-motor on rotating lights, gears were jammed with dried up grease inside the housing. Disassembled all reel mechs, cleaned and adjusted. Repaired 1 reel mechanism, had a burned off trace to a wiper pad. Repaid 1 chime, burned/melted coil replaced with new. Replaced wrong fuses with correct size. Many light sockets cleaned, we had big problems getting sockets working. Serviced flippers by re-surfacing plungers and coil stops, replaced sleeves. Replaced flipper bats. Many adjustments to playfield switches. Removed rusted solid leg levelers and replaced. Tested.

09/05/2014 10:13:39   Printed new cards. Vacuum cabinet. Install brackets to hold back door on.
Replace back door cam so you can pull out your key. Game is ready to go.

09/11/2014 15:50:05   Picked up @ 3:30pm. Customer forgot check book. Will send via mail.

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