Flipper Clown pinball by Gottlieb 1962

This Flipper Clown from Gottlieb was made way back in 1962.  We picked it up from a storage unit... not a good place to store a pinball.  In Texas it gets very hot, the cool mornings create condensation, not good for painted glass and metal parts.  This game made us change our prices for electromechanical pinball service.  This job took way too long.  The service notes follow.

08/27/2014 13:57:16   Playfield disassembled, cleaned, waxed, new rubber and some new hardware. Every relay contact cleaned and adjusted. Every stepper unit and the timing motor cleaned, adjusted and lubed. Repaired 1 and 10 point relays in backbox. Cleaned and service all score reels. Replaced top left bell grommet. Replaced burned/melted lower cabinet bell coil, armature and sleeve. Removed playfield and bottom equipment board to remove timing motor for lube and adjustments. Found and fixed several broken solder joints due to electrolysis and rust. Most of the bulb sockets were badly rusted - cleaned and applied anti-rust cleaner. Backglass had large areas of paint missing, did touch up paint and clear coat. Roto unit targets badly rusted and painted numbers almost gone. Removed roto unit spinning target assembly, sanded off ruined numbers on targets - added enamel paint, new decals then clear coated. Slingshot plastics melted and bowing up - pressed between glass with heat to flatten. Replaced door lock.

08/28/2014 15:55:40  Replaced the legs, they were way too rusted and the levelers were rusted solid. Installed new lock in backbox. Game is ready for delivery.

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