Tempest videogame by Atari 1981

This Tempest by Atari is one of the best games made in the early 80's. 
These games made buckets of money.  They have an XY color monitor that
is very different than standard RASTER SCAN monitors.  These video
systems were really oscilloscopes with a blanking circuit and color guns
in the tube.  They draw a fast moving dot that is similar to drawing a
picture with a pen by hand, only very fast and multicolored.  These
games are not easy to fix.  The monitors can be tricky and do not like
hot environments.  The transistors on this one had very rusted sockets
and 2 transistors ran hot (over 175 degrees) but did not show bad on our
parametric analyzer.  The high voltage assembly needed a new connector,
caps were changed.  The game transformer assembly had rusted/burned
fuse sockets and a destroyed spade lug on the bridge rectifier.  The
power supply had a bad pass transistor and resistor.  The game board had
bad edge connectors and dirty potentiometers.  The monitor was
physically mounted wrong - mounted to the backside of the plywood
instead of the front.  This made it rub against the back wall and made
it impossible to remove the HV assembly, not to mention the risk of
implosion if the monitor fell while removing it.  We placed wood blocks
to hold up the monitor while removing the mounting bolts.  When done we placed the monitor through the front of the game and found correct bolts to secure it. 

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