Taxi Pinball by Williams 1988

"Taxi" by Williams made in 1988.  This pinball was a mess to clean up and repair.  The display glass was loose and allowed to break off some legs to the pcb.  The big plastic ramp on the upper right (spinner) had all but 1 of the mounting holes broken off.  The flipper and pop bumper parts were trashed.  The poor thing had been rigged in soo many ways....  This must have earned a lot of money and was forced to work hard all it's life.  Well it looks pretty good now and plays perfectly!  Even Gorbi was happy again!

The service notes follow:

05/21/2014 12:06:28  Waxed playfield, new rubbers and light bulbs. Replaced both flipper coils, backstops, sleeves, both plunger and link assemblies and right flipper plate assembly (stripped mounting screw hole). In other words, both flippers were worn out. Repaired both displays by mounting them correctly and soldering 2 wires back to the glass. Glued bezel back over displays/speakers. Much more to come...

05/22/2014 15:43:55  Rebuilt all 3 pop bumpers with skirts, rings and sleeves. Replaced 1 pop bumper coil and 1 fiber board. Clean/lube and new sleeves on both 3 bank drop target assemblies. More to come...

05/25/2014 16:41:22  Checked fuses, found 4 with wrong amperage, replaced. Replaced lock in coin door and backbox key#700. Custom lock cam was missing for backbox lock, we fabricated one. Replaced mirror behind backglass, replaced lift channel. Replaced burned up connector header, housing and pins for general illumination on interconnect board. Repaired the ball spinner plastic assembly - 4 of 5 mounting areas were broken off - fabricated plastic parts and welded together, replaced all the screws and washers - this was an all day job. Straightened coin door as best we can, very banged up. Clean and vacuum cabinet.

05/26/2014 17:24:53  During test - repaired bottom speaker, 3 topper lamp sockets replaced. Tested many games. Game is ready for delivery.

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