Haunted House pinball by Gottlieb 1982

Here is a real fun game to play!  Not a fun game to fix!  This machine has 8 flippers, 5 pop bumpers, 3 playfields and plenty of everything else.  Add to the quantity of mechanical parts is the rust and dirt accumulated from sitting in a barn like garage for many years.  All the pins had to be replaced on the connectors to the printed circuit boards.  Every moving part had to be disassembled cleaned, fixed and put back together.  All the capacitors had to be replaced.  Many factory suggested updates had to be done.  Anything shiny had to have steel wool applied. 

This is a game with a big following.  It is great to be a part of bringing it back to life! 

The service notes follow:

05/17/2014 11:01:00  Completed replacing all rubbers, wax playfield, clean and vacuum cabinet. Repaired/replaced most pins in wiring harness to CPU, driver, power and sound boards. Replace main 5v capacitor with 15kuf @ 35v. Modified all 4 pop bumper pc boards with required update. Rebuilt power supply with new caps, 1 transistor, 2 diodes and required resistor modifications. Rebuilt all pop bumpers with new rings, bodies and sleeves. Rebuilt all 8 flippers with new sleeves, 2 new E.O.S. switches, de-burred plungers/ backstops and new flipper bats.

05/19/2014 14:36:46  Installed lock in coin door and back. Wired game for free play. Install new legs. Final test done. Ready to go.

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