Ding Dong EM Pinball by Williams 1968

Ding Dong EM Pinball by Williams made in 1968. This repair job had all the usual problems of an old Williams game.  The big thing on these is the darn loose contact pins on blade switches and wiper arms on steppers.  These are hard to find and cause intermittent issues that can run you in circles.  Two contacts on the hold relay were loose and over-heating due to the current involved.  Many more were found on the reset bank, the stepper units and several other relays.  This means there are NO shortcuts on these EM's.  You just gotta touch every contact in the machine.  Added to the mayhem on this game was the 46 years of "adjustments" made by other "techs".  The Match Feature on this game is an over complicated design that runs a circuit through so many devices I'm surprised it works at all.

The game had a messy re-paint job done in the center area.  We first removed the old paint and re-touched up the area.  Maggie really can match up old paint! 

On a fun note, the pricing and instruction cards were not available online for this game so we made up a set and sent our copy to Peter Koch (Inkochnito). Peter sent us back a corrected and cleaned up version!  We love to get our pinball jobs back to original as possible and Peter really came through!   The service workorder notes follow:

02/10/2014 15:05:34   Finished with playfield wood rejuvenation and painting. Many screw holes repaired on posts. Replaced right flipper coil, was a Gottlieb and was week. Rebuilt all 3 pop bumpers and replaced bumper caps (special order). Cleaned and or filed every contact on every relay, stepper and plug. Found several relays on bottom way out of adjustment. Went through and adjusted every blade switch on the reset bank under playfield. Traced out bad solder joint causing lights to dim on playfield.

02/10/2014 15:14:56   Cleaned and adjusted score reels. Traced and repaired Match Feature - was several loose contact pins on stepper wipers and an intermittent single loop from first reel through 2 relays on bottom board then back up through playfield reset bank game over relay and back to reset relay on bottom (found loose contacts on blades here!). Also Match stepper was 1 notch out of timing and wipers bent out of positions. Oil and grease timing motor. Repair left flipper button. Cleaned many light sockets. Touched up backglass a little. Vacuum cabinet. Tested. Ready to go! 

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