Galaxian video game by Midway 1979

Here is a repair of a Galaxian by Midway.  This game had a bad game board and monitor.  We actually replaced the monitor with one we already had ready because the customer unit had bad screen burn.  We also painted the control panel and the area around the monitor because of the graffiti scratches.  Workorder service notes follow:

01/13/2014 10:59:00   Repaired game motherboard with all new electrolytic capacitors, 2x 2716 eproms and 1 82s123 bipolar rom. Repaired monitor Wells 4916 with all new capacitors. Clean and vacuum cabinet. Replace locks.

01/13/2014 15:55:59  Replace marquee lights. Spray paint around monitor and control panel (no charge, it was just too ugly!). Repair coin mechs.

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