Centipede upright video game by Atari 1

This is a repair of a Centipede upright model by Atari.  This is what happens when someone does a sloppy repair.  Someone changed a critical resistor (that is actually a fuse resistor) from a 1/4 watt to a 2 watt.  That resistor is supposed to burn out if the edge connector on the game board develops bad connects to the ground circuit.  This is an early implementation of a "sense" line circuit that adjusts for voltage drops automatically.  Someone also put a 35 amp fuse in the 20 amp position that supplies the AC to the 5 volts. Unfortunately this caused the power/audio board to self destruct.  The power board got so hot it melted the plastic screws that hold the transistors and regulators to the heat-sink.  The workorder service notes follow:

01/16/2014 17:12:28   Found dead 5 volt power. Voltage regulator board burned black on bottom under heat sink, fusible resistor found replaced with much bigger wattage resistor, 20 amp fuse for 5 volts had a 35 amp fuse. All this lead to a destroyed voltage regulator. We had a similar regulator board, modified it to work in Centipede (was for Space Dual) by installing missing parts to add 12v ans 22v supplies. Original problem found - burnt edge connector ground trace and burnt pin in plug to same. Reworked game board edge connector traces with new plating and re-tinned all connections. Replace burned up fuse holder for 20 amp fuse on transformer assembly. Repaired hacked up wiring to test switch and volume control. Moved game board to horizontal mounting and added 4th stand-off (one was missing), wood frame to hold the board is missing. Vacuum inside cabinet - very dusty. 4 of the 6 fuses were wrong rating, replaced with correct. Testing...

01/17/2014 09:56:16  Game tested over-night. Dressed up wires. Hooked chassis ground cables to metal components (all were unhooked). Ready for delivery.

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