Firepower Pinball by Williams 1980

This Firepower pinball from Williams in 1980 was a very hot game in it's time.  Williams built over 17000 units!  I know because I was repairing these under warranty for the the largest Williams distributor in the country at that time.  I have a fond place in my memories for this very well designed game.  This game came into our shop as a repair-only job.  This was not shopped-out, just repaired.  The service notes follow:

09/13/2013 21:34:11  Re: Firepower Pinball. Found credit button, and service switches not functioning. Found many of the switched illumination lights all flashing together, not indicating correctly. Repaired driver board - 2 x transistors (TIP42 type) in light strobe circuit replaced. Traced dead switch circuits to CPU board - IC5 (7402) had cut traces due to previous battery leak, placed 3 jumpers on bottom of pcb. Credit button not working was wire off trough switch. No balls in game, install 3 used pinballs (customer requests cheap repair). Batteries week, replaced. Programmed settings and tested game. Ready for delivery.

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