Whirlwind Pinball by Williams 1990

Whirlwind pinball by Williams.  Here is great game that needed a lot of love.  It was living in a detached garage and suffered from the dreaded humidity/condensation bug.  So a little rust, some white stuff and everything working kinda funky caused this game to come see us.  We started with a request to "just fix the bad displays" and ended up doing the whole shop-out.  The invoice notes below tell most of the story:

10/05/2012 17:05:18  Processing - This order placed by Lee. Customer dropped off for repair only. No shop-out.

10/05/2012 17:21:14  Processing - Repaired power supply - HV section mostly rebuilt and 1 cap in 5v section. Standoffs missing on display PCB, glued alpha glass back down. Install external battery holder & diode, removed old corroded on-board batt-holder. Clean and lube fan - was squealing. Tested game - works o.k.. needs clean/wax/rubber/bulbs and preventive maintenance. (a shop-out). Contacting customer for further instructions.

10/06/2012 08:36:35   Awaiting Customer OK - O.K. to clean/was/rubber and check other things. May go to full shop-out. Depends on our boat payment schedule.

10/10/2012 06:27:32  Ready for delivery - Found 2 pop bumper rings broken, replaced sleeves on all 6 pop bumpers, all 3 flippers worn out, replaced all 3 backstops, sleeve and plunger & link assemblies on all 3 flippers. Lower left flipper coil bad - swelled - replaced FL-11630. Replaced 3 flipper bats. Out-hole coil broken ear - replaced 23-800. Divert-er weak - replaced 2 springs. GI lights out - replaced 9 pin molex connector on interconnect board. Repaired broken wires in harness to head - secured wires and fixed plugs/ground strap. Lubed spinning disks shafts- squealing. Shooter rebuilt with new springs and sleeve - old sleeve was glued in. Steel wool the legs - rusted, replace leveler pads. Painted head hinges - corroded. All new rubbers, cleaned playfield, waxed, new inst. cards, tested. 38 man hours total.


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