Ground Shaker by Bally from 1980

Here is a Nitro Ground Shaker by Bally from 1980.  Unfortunately the cabinet was painted.  The playfield was peeling paint and very dried out.  As usual with these old pins we had to work on almost every area to bring it back to specs..  We spruced it up with new pop bumper caps and new targets.  Also new white nylon acorn nuts help a little.  Had to plastic weld and mylar tape the upper left plastic - it had a pile of epoxy on it when delivered.  The backglass is perfect!  The invoice notes follow:

10/15/2012 13:07:26  This form filled out by Lee. Customer dropped off approx 10/08/12. Repair as needed, advise customer of cost and condition. Bob interested in a slot machine also.

10/27/2012 11:20:44  Finished with clean & wax, rubbers, bulbs. Touch up painted the playfield. Rebuilt power supply & replaced relay, MPU board had 2 broken legs on 2 proms and minor battery leak. All connectors cleaned. Sound board rebuilt with new caps and volume control. All 3 pop bumpers rebuilt with new skirts, rings, coil sleeves and top plastics. Both flipper's rebuilt with bats, sleeves, missing screws, 1 bearing. Almost ready - still have displays to work on.

10/28/2012 11:18:13  Displays touched up. Lights behind backglass out - replaced large plug and pins on transformer assembly. Installed NiCad battery on cab wall and wired to MPU. Replaced playfield glass. Replaced lock on door. Note: the only printed circuit board not touched was the lamp drive board. Tested over-night. Completed.


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