Centipede Video Game by Atarii 1980

This Centipede made by Atari, in the small "Cabaret" style cabinet, was designed for small space locations like convenience stores.  This one needed the Electrohome "GO7" monitor rebuilt with all new capacitors.  Also the trackball was rusted stuck.  The cabinet was a mess with the 4 leg levelers pushed up into the floor because the wood had rotted from water exposure.  We cut some 1 x 4" boards and mounted the T-nuts for new leg levelers into the boards.  The boards are nailed and glued to give the game it's stability.  The front and back were painted.  Note the "Sega" control panel overlay.  We wish we could find any original... but it's not likely.  The rebuilt trackball is smooth and fast acting making this game fun to play again!  The invoice notes follow:

11/04/2012 09:09:39  vacuum out bug nests, repair trackball with new bearings, all new capacitors in monitor, clean edge connectors, fixed power supply board.

working on cabinet, game will be ready soon...

11/05/2012 10:14:44  replace ball in trackball, install 2 1x4 boards on bottom of cabinet and install 4 leveling pads. Old floor and leveling pads rotted out. Painted front and back gloss black. Install new tee molding. Project completed.


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