Big Top pinball by Gottlieb 1964

Big Top pinball by Gottlieb made in 1964.  This 50 year old pinball was extremely dirty and in bad condition.  Everything needed to be addressed.  The backglass is a bit creepy.  The service notes follow. 

0/31/2014 11:20:15   Cleaned and waxed playfield, replaced rubbers, light bulbs, pop bumper caps, lane guides, pop bumper bodies and skirts. Replaced 2 broken metal yokes on pop bumpers. Replaced 1 pop bumper coil and 1 bell coil. Replaced 2 bell armature plungers. Replaced flipper bats and 4 targets. Cleaned and adjusted every contact on every relay, motor and stepper. Disassembled all 8 score reels, cleaned and adjusted - found a broken wire here. Found 2 more broken wires on relay and motor unit.

11/01/2014 09:37:39   Polished legs and leg bolts. Vacuum cabinet. Replaced lock. Clear-coat backglass and touch up paint a few spots. Install new leveler pads. Tested.

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