Rockola Jukebox Model 464 1976

This Jukebox repair is on a 1975-1976 Rockola model 464.  This old work horse needed a lot of work to get back to reliable condition.  The mech was cleaned and lubed.  The turntable motor was slow and the vibration grommets were rotted out.  The indicator panels were repaired.  The amplifier needed all the small caps replaced.  The phono cartridge was loose and the needle was bad.   Many other little things were addressed.  We also rigged it for free-play.   It sounds great!  The service notes follow:

02/19/2014 08:17:15   Found blown fuse inside credit accumulator. This was caused by slow moving - binding, write-in motor. Typical problems found... Cleaned, oiled, greased the mechanism. Replaced turntable grommets. Disassembled turntable motor and clean and oiled - was really dry. Cleaned push-button assembly. Jukebox is working now, sounds so-so, needs more done. There is broken glass everywhere that must be cleaned up. This repair should be done tomorrow.

02/19/2014 18:47:04   Cleaned up the broken glass. Found scratchy sound in music was the phono cartridge was loose in it's cradle (re-glued it) and the needle is bad and it's wrong type (replaced the needle). Replaced the indicator lights in the top glass and repaired some light sockets in the record playing indicator. Cleaned all the pots and switched in the amp, still looking for the cause of the low frequency hum. Set the machine on free-play. Looks like we will have to replace capacitors in the amp... after several hours the hum gets very noticeable.

02/20/2014 15:11:07   Replaced most of the capacitors in the amplifier, most were very bad. Removed junk blocking the 1st and 2nd digit window glass. Jukebox sounds great now! Everything works. Ready for delivery.

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