Asteroids video game by Atari 1979

Yep, an old Atari Asteroids.  This one needed the game board fixed and the monitor re-capped.  The Workorder notes follow:

04/01/2013 10:16:15   Asteroid cpu #208313 type -05. Worked then quit after a few minutes. Found damaged legs on eproms, 2 eproms were mask type with corroded pins. Burned a new set (4 each) version 02. Replaced ic sockets on eproms and cpu. Monitor barely working. Burned up power plug at pcb. Replaced plug and pins. Intermittent loss of ship image during play was caused by bad caps, replaced all caps on deflection pcb. Cleaned and vacuum cabinet, was full of mud dabber nests and mouse nest. Control panel - buttons not working, caused by incorrectly wired start buttons. Control panel not bolted correctly, flipped over the hinge.

04/01/2013 10:30:26   Also, no sound. Found speaker pigtail wire cut, probably a mouse. Found wrong starter in marque lite. Replaced FS-5 with FS-2.



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