F-14 Tomcat Pinball by Williams 1987

F-14 Tomcat Pinball by Williams from 1987.

This poor pinball had a lot of paint missing between the flippers around the lighted arrows.  Looks like someone pulled off the mylar protector and found out the hard way about the paint coming with it.  Maggie did a great job painting in the lost areas.  This recent purchase by our customer did not include a sound/music board.  We rigged the sounds from the CPU board so some of the sound is there.  Hoping to find a compatible PCB later. 

Here are the notes off the workorder:

03/11/2013 09:55:48   Picked up March 9, 2013. Missing sound board, missing coin mechs, severe playfield paint loss, 1st alpha numeric display not lighting. Quoted $75 for display and $70 for new legs in addition to shop-out.

04/06/2013 12:08:29   Playfield cleaned, waxed, new rubber and hand painted in bad spots. Repaired CPU board - TIP122 & 2n4401 transistors + 1 2.7k 1/4w resistor + 1 7402 IC with 14 pin socket. All this was in the special solenoid circuits. Rigged sound system to play the sounds that are generated on the CPU board, no Music board available. Rebuilt power supply with new caps and 1 35amp bridge rectifier. Replaced display glass #1 (7 digit Alpha Numeric). Replaced coil 26-1500 of lower left diverter. Working on flippers and other misc playfied issues. Game will be ready Sunday, April 07.

04/08/2013 13:45:45   Replaced lower right flipper coil, had a melted FL-11722 instead of the correct FL-11630. Rebuilt all 4 flippers with sleeves, springs, shaft bearings and back stops and plungers ground down. New lock in back box. New shooter barrel spring. New back-glass lifting strip. Vacuumed cabinet. Rewired top spinning lights for 12 volt bulbs instead of the hard to find 28 volt #1683 bulbs. Motor on spinning lights no good, not replaced.

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