Demolition Man - Williams Pinball 1994

01/17/2013 16:30:03  Cleaned and waxed playfield. New rubbers and light bulbs. Main issues: Repaired several light sockets (1 missing) on big light pcb under playfield. Right flipper - broken plunger link, trigger button fixed, Bolt on crank stripped, replaced plunger, link, crank and pawl. Left flipper - backstop bolt snapped off in frame - disassembled, drilled out bolt, re-thread hole. Both lower flipper sleeves replaced. Left flippers opto PCB repaired (intermittent week flippers). Replaced harness to crane coil. Replaced blade micro-switch on short metal ramp. New batteries on CPU. New lock. Replaced 1 leg with good used. Vacuumed cabinet. New cards. Game is almost ready to deliver. Testing....

01/19/2013 15:08:09  After testing found missing adjustment post on left drain. (to hard to play). Fixed slow pop bumper action. Cleaned legs as best we can with steel wool and brush. Install new leg leveling pads. Hand sanded lock down bar to remove scratched gang sign markings. Painted front head trim, black. Game is ready for delivery.

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