My Video Game is upstairs. Can you help?

As with other machines we work on we do not move Video Games up or down stairs.  The liability from damage or injury prevent us from being a moving company.  We can do simple service calls on games in your gameroom like joysticks, trackballs or optical gun repair.  We can remove 19" monitors and repair them in our shop and sometimes we have a test jig, or will make one, for your game boards. 

The best choice is always to take the game in for repair.  In our shop we can perform a more thorough inspection, clean the inside of the cabinet, make cosmetic repairs and test the machine for hours after we finish.

We ask that you bring the machine downstairs for us.  We currently charge a minimum $30 or $1 per mile each way for pickup and delivery.  This fee does not include stairs.  We have commercial appliance dollies, pinball machine dollies, lift-table dollies and a truck with a hydraulic lift.  We can get it to the truck and back

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