Is the Stern Pinball line a good product?

Stern Pinball is the only large manufacturer of new pinballs in the USA.  They have a very well made product and continue the old tradition of good complete manuals and long term parts availability.  The price of these new pinballs has risen due to much lower production runs.  The pinball market has become more of a home market than a commercial customer base.  Very few coin-machine operators have trained staff or the parts inventory to maintain a fleet of pinball machines.  Gary Stern, the founder, has designed his line to be easier to repair, yet operators have not come back into the product type... as yet.  We sold new Stern Pinballs for many years as a distributor and had very little problems.  So... in our opinion... Stern Pinball is a great pinball manufacture and we hope they continue to build games for many years!

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