Can you repair my pinball in my home?

Sometimes.....  If you give us a good explanation of the symptom and we bring the correct parts this will work.  We carry an assortment of common failure parts with us.  We cannot camp out in your house and do the equivalent of a shop-out.   It is impossible to carry all the parts needed to fix all failures on every type game made.  The price of the repair can get high if we have to come out many times as we discover issues, order parts and return to install the parts. 

Generally,  if your game just came out of a barn,  is 30 years old and has wasps and rodent nests inside,  it is not a service call candidate. 

Electro-mechanical pinballs are especially hard to fix in your home.  They have a tendency to "set up" after many years.  The moving parts become gummed up and the contacts on the relays become dirty, loose and unreliable.  Even if we fix a single issue, another can pop up after we leave.  These games should be shopped-out.

We can pickup the game if it is on the ground floor and no stairs prevent us from using a pinball dolly to move the game to our truck. If the game is upstairs, you need to get it to the garage, or on the ground level. 

Our truck has a hydraulic lift-gate.  Loading the game is a one person job for us.

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