How much does it cost to repair my Pinball Game?

We charge $950 to completely shop-out an electronic pinball made after 1977.  We charge $1000 to completely shop-out a electro-mechanical pinball made 1977 or before back to 1965. For pinballs before 1965 please call for price.  This price includes rubbers, light bulbs, wax and labor.  All other parts needed are added to the workorder as we work. You get updates via email as this happens.  Our labor includes repair of electronic and mechanical assemblies if possible.  Not all components are repairable, such as printed circuit boards destroyed by leaking batteries.  The final cost really depends on the condition of your game and how far you want us to go with new parts.  Most pinballs cost about $50 - $300 in additional parts like new targets, new pop bumper caps, flipper rebuild kits or a display glass.  Sometimes we call to discuss expensive parts that require your approval. 

There are a few pinball machines that are known to be very difficult to repair.  In these cases we will ask for more labor.  For example: An old Gottlieb or Bally electronic pinball with severe corrosion of the printed circuit board connector pins.  These take many hours to replace all the tiny crimp pins in the wiring harness.  Another example:  A very weather damaged machine with rust and playfield mold.  Please realize, we must charge more for a game left to the elements, they take much more time to finish. 

If you are missing large components we may not take your project.  We do not store games until parts can be found on the used market.  If we determine your machine can not be repaired at a reasonable cost to us, we will return your machine and charge you nothing. 

Any major items that add to our fee will be discussed and agreed to before we install them.

Please note that pinball machines can take a long time to get repaired.  Some repairs can take months.  This depends on parts availability and our current shop workload.  If you are in a hurry please tell us so we can try to accommodate you.

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